Good news! Charles Thornhill of United Kingdom has confirmed that the aluminium pulley for P3-24 TT can be removed easily with this pulley puller without having to remove the motor from the plinth. So no  need to worry about damaging your motor anymore!

Here's Charles Thornhill's feedback on the dual pulley upgrade with help of pulley puller:

Hi Michael,

The international post to the UK was very quick and no import duty to pay! 

I've installed the pulley today and it was very easy to do. I did not need to remove the motor from the plinth because there was sufficient room to get the pulley puller in between the existing pulley and the plinth. With a couple of drops of acetone and your pulley puller, the original pulley came off very easily. Your new pulley was installed and everything in-place within 15 minutes. 

Very pleased with ther results and the sound improvements. 

I've attached a photo. 

Thanks again 

United Kingdom

Charles' dual pulley upgrade

Thanks Charles!


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