Sonic Bliss .... Marc Walter's Rega P3-24

Sharing with you here the Marc Walter's Rega P3-24 TT with the following upgrades:

Acrylic platter, rubber-cork mat, dual pulley, silicone belts, aluminium sub-platter, serrated 3-points spacer, motor isolation base, thrust bearing and aluminium feet.

Hi Michael,

I received your package yesterday and have installed all the components. 

First impression - oh yeah

Massive increase in base response. In fact, when I put Dark Side of the Moon on (180 gm repress) I noticed a whole new layer of sound that I had never picked up before. And I have been listening to this album for years. The sound leaps off the TT and is tight, controlled and very responsive. 

I did notice a shimmering when playing vinyl straight off the platter but with the cork/rubber mat this goes away as well. 

Thank you for your ingenious engineering and for letting others join in your benefits for a very reasonable price..... 

My girlfriend, who usually laughs at my audiophile antics, flatly told me that the record player sounds so much better now. As you said - hearing is believing. 

I will send you some pics over the weekend. 

Best Wishes,
Marc, Australia

  Pictures: courtesy of Marc Walter of Brisbane, Australia 
Acrylic Platter and rubber-cork mat upgrades

Aluminium sub-platter, dual pulley,
silicone belts and serrated 3-point spacer upgrades

Motor isolation base, thrust bearing 
and aluminium feet upgrades 

Thanks, Marc!


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