Upgrades for Jos Cenens's NAD C522

Aluminium sub-platter, dual pulley
and silicone belts upgrades

Dear Michael, 

Included a picture of my upgraded NAD C552. 

The upgrades went fine: the pulley installed without a problem, the sub-platter was indeed very tight to get in as the air under the shaft could not get out easily, it took a few minutes before the platter was in place (I turned it around and gently pushed on the top spindle). The 2 silicone belts were also quite easy to put in place thanks to your instructions. 

I now had a good week of listening and I do hear an improvement. The music sounds better, more steady, the details present on the record are easier to hear (almost in all records that I put on). I am all in all quite pleased with these improvements. As you can see on the picture I recently installed a new element (Ortofon 2M Blue) and that gave a boost to the turntable. 

Your pulley, aluminum sub platter and dual belts further improved the turntable and I conclude that the investment in the 2M Blue element is supported by your material.

Jos Cenens 
Linden Belgium

Thanks Jos Cenens!


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