Ready to Rock .... Jason's RP3

Jason of Canada has done the following upgrades :

1. Acrylic platter
2. Aluminium sub-platter
3. Underslung counter weight
4. Stainless steel dual pulley and silicone belts

Let's see how his music rock now :

Here you go Michael. 

All setup and ready to rock. I'm pretty impressed with the setup overall. Everything seems tighter and the bass has more attack. And the best part, all the pieces look kinda cool. Function and form. Who knew. 

Anyways. The parts are all together. Looks great and sounds just as good. I can't be sure which piece made the most impact as I didn't take a scientific approach to putting everything together. All I can say is the bass is deeper and the overall balance of the music is clear and "fun". Well worth the investment. And the challenges with the post office. 



Thanks, Jason!


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