Dual pulley and aluminium sub-platter have been the most popular upgrades for Rega TT owners. Many began their tweaking journey with these two components. Some may go on after that .... seeking for more improvements. And the others may just stop here considering the rest unnecessary. 

What about counter-weight? Is it listed to be part of your upgrade project? I remember it was not on the top of my list either when I first started to tweak my Rega turntable.  But when I first set up my underslung counterweight to test, my wife "wow" at the big improvement! 

You have to try yourself to believe it!

Glad to know Yann from France has agreed with me too!

Dear Michael

Your counterweight is a great improvement! All is cleaner and bass is now controlled. Many thanks for your work. 

I think I'll go back to you for other purchase... 

Kind Regards 

Thanks , Yann!


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