Getting to know more about you - Ulrich's P25

Switzerland, one of the richest countries in the world, is not unfamiliar to me. Being an avid watch collector, I am always fascinated by this country because of my passion in watches. And "Swiss made" is always my first choice. Switzerland not only produces fine watches, it also dominates the world in the watch industry.

How about turntables? Thorens and Lenco are some of the best known names in Swiss-made precision turntables which are ubiquitous around the world today. Though Lenco no longer produce the famous idler drive TTs' like L75, these vintage turntables are still very much sought after by analog connoisseurs.

Besides, it's such a beautiful country.... the Alps .....the snow ...... Sorry, I am a bit carry away and going a bit out of point. Actually my intention is to introduce to you our friend from Switzerland, Ulrich Peyer.

It's exciting for me getting to know a new analog enthusiast in Switzerland and it's equally exciting for Ulrich to discover more about his P25 TT after some simple tweaks( aluminium sub-platter,dual pulley and brass record clamp).  Here's his feedback: 

Dear Michael,

I just completed the installation of a metal sub platter, a metal pulley and two new belts. It took several hours to run in until the record speed was stable. 

The results were simply stunning: The bass had a lot more punch and it was so much clearer that an expert could probably tell you which company has built the instrument, because every bass sounds different now which it didn't before... 

The sound is also more relaxed, before it was more nervous. The record clamp also gives more detail. I got a lot of quality for very little money. 

Later I will mount the P25 on the Rega wall mount. On the attached prictures it still is placed on a lovan classic rack, which according to Rega is not a very good idea. 

Kind regards 
Ulrich Peyer

Thanks Ulrich!


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