My Red hot RP6 - Some easy upgrades...

Many wrote to me enquiring on sub-platter for RP6. I told them frankly that I have not "touched" on RP6 yet. One RP1 owner who had used all my upgrades earlier told me that he had upgraded to RP6 and was waiting for me to release my new RP6 sub-platter!

That's "mission impossible" to me ....

.... before getting started on RP6 sub-platter , I must get a RP6 turntable ....
.... before getting a RP6 turntable, I am confronted by WAF (Wife approval factor)...

It's hard for me to bring this up ... especially when I have mentioned many times that it's more worthwhile getting a RP3 to upgrade than to pay more for a RP6....

WAF - Oh my God, I crack my head for ideas  ....

Boring details omitted but some watches from my collection got to go in order to obtain WA!

And now the good news is: I have this long awaited Red hot RP-6 here to show you :) ...

The stock RP-6 is a beauty by itself especially with the glossy red paint finishes. So is the "underslung" black/partially transparent glass platter (weighing just a little excess of 2kg).

It still spots the familiar phenolic sub-platter but with a new aluminum cap to accommodate the new "underslung" glass platter. I have to say Roy Gandy has this unique aluminum cap very well designed and professionally machined. It fits snugly over the phenolic sub. (Who has ever thought of this idea anyway?)

Another point to mention is : the new RP6 is designed with a 50Hz pulley and a common TTPSU for both Europe and North America. So it will spin "perfectly" without problem anywhere around the world. This is a good point for those of you who may move from one region to another with your beloved TT. You only need to get a 24V wall wart ( AC adaptor) which suits the local voltage without changing any other component.

How does it sound?

The stock RP-6 is a good sounding deck - far better than my stock P3-24. Comparing with the stock P3-24 with glossy plinth, the main differences are tonearm, sub-platter with additional aluminium cap, "underslung" glass platter and double bracings (aluminum alloy for the top and phenolic for the bottom). Whatever it is, for me it would be interesting to tweak my new RP6. I believe it would sound wonderful with some tweaks!

My First Tweaks on RP6

After some listening, I couldn't wait to begin with some experiments on it. As usual, I started off first with the phenolic sub-platter.

1Aluminium sub-platter 

Somehow, I don't wish to discard Roy Gandy's fine piece of aluminium sub-platter cap right away. So this first version of my RP6 aluminium sub-platter will be used in conjunction with the stock aluminium cap. It is slightly different from my standard aluminium sub-platter as this design retrofits the stock aluminum cap.

The aluminium sub-platter fits snugly with the stock aluminum cap

Replacing the phenolic sub with aluminum sub-platter

Aluminium sub-platter ALSP6  (USD150.00)

2. Red Silicone belt

I always recommend silicone belt as an upgrade to the stock Rega black belt. And just recently, I read somewhere that silicone belt is also one of the new features for the new Rega RP40 Anniversary edition to celebrate Rega's 40th anniversary. 

Putting on the silicone belt 

3. Upgrade the standard counterweight with the underslung counterweight

Not forgetting the underslung counterweight which gives big sonic improvements to all Rega decks; it is a must for my RP6!

After these initial tweaks, I could hear significant improvement with lower noise floor, more details and tighter bass. The volume also seem increases a bit as a result of lower noise floor!

Flexibility in use

What about my acrylic platter? Can I try it on this RP6?

Just realized by taking off the stock aluminium cap, the stock glass platter can be replaced easily with my 24mm "underslung" acrylic platter and rubber/cork mat. Another versatile option to try for RP6 owners!

If you are nostalgic of the stock glass platter sound occasionally, you may put the aluminum cap back on the sub-platter and enjoy the glass platter/wool mat combo again.

Isn't it interesting that you can switch back and forth the platters as your mood swings? This is one of the reasons I like about Rega turntables!

Prakun of Bangkok, Thailand has upgraded his RP6 with aluminium sub-platter and here's his feedback:

Hi Michael 

I installed and like the upgrading.. They provide me bigger soundstage and make the music more lively to me. I am not good at describing the music in wording but your subplatter make a real diffierent !! 

I am still setting up my system with the new speakers and I will send you the photo once everything is done . 



Thomas Doherty said...

How much will the first version of the subplatter be in USD? Is it ready to be ordered now? Does it use an upgraded bearing?

MDF Board said...


The RP-6 with red platter is loos good in look and the way of describing the steps to upgrade it very understandable.....Keep Sharing

Thank you

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