Like many others, James of Surrey, United Kingdom is pleased with dual pulley and silicone belts upgrades on his P25 TT too .... the music seems to have more space to "breathe"....

Hi Michael,

As promised I enclose a few photos of your double pulley upgrade and matching belts on my Rega P25. I also took the option to swap out the original motor for a brand new, but identical unit. My turntable gets used a fair amount and the original motor unit had become a little noisy. I’m pleased to say that the swap was very easy and with a little soldering done I was back up and running in no time. 

I’m also happy to report that your double pulley upgrade has done exactly what I had hoped for. Gone is the shudder on start up, and speed stability is much improved. I always thought the deck played slightly too fast as well and it seems to have corrected that. Everything sounds much more natural now and the music seems to have more space to “breathe” which has the benefit of making it much easier to listen to. 

Thanks again for the prompt delivery and great service – I look forward to ordering from you again in the future. 

All the best 

Thanks, James!


MDF Board said...

Nice working with MDF plywood.

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