Recently, Peter Kisilenko, a professional musician from Canada has added some new upgrades to his hybrid mono TT. He has decided to upgrade to 45/45rpm dual pulley in conjunction with Cruise Control TTPSU this time. It's a better option actually, especially for those who wish to fine-tune the TT to the desired speeds. Rega TTPSU doesn't have this user adjustable feature; it only has a push button for selections between 33.3rpm and 45rpm.

Besides 45/45rpm dual pulley, Peter has also added both aluminium alloy top bracing and stainless steel bottom bracing together with aluminium feet to his mono TT. He is happy with the positive effects brought about by these simple tweaks. I really appreciate his effort in sending me pictures and comments on the upgrades despite his busy schedules.

I am honored (and flattered) to share with you here this "Michael Lim Special" as he has put it!

Hi Michael,

Here's a couple of pics of the latest upgrades to my mono TT.

Black aluminium alloy top bracing and 45/45rpm dual pulley

Stainless steel bottom bracing and aluminium feet,
Cruise Control TTPSU

Since I wanted to use the Music Hall Cruise Control 2.0 on this table I installed your double 45 RPM pulley with 2 silicon belts. I also installed the top and bottom braces along with your feet. So this table is basically a Michael Lim special. The only original Rega parts are the plinth, motor, and arm. 

Each upgrade had a positive effect and this is now a wonderful sounding table with great bass, clarity, and musicality. 


Thanks Peter!

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