So far I haven't got a chance to take a look at the new Rega RP3; I mean to get hold of one to test out and compare with my P3-24. ( Sigh... got to seek approval from my "finance controller" who complains that I have too many turntables ....)

Rega RP3 has a new RB303 tonearm and a new "double brace" for increasing stiffness between the tonearm and the main bearing. Compared to the older model P3 it's replacing, no doubt improved in design; however, this would not deter TT tweakers from seeking ways to make it even better ......

Double brace for rigidity looks good. I like it. (What about on my P3-24? Can't help flirting with this idea...)

Anyway, let's look at this new Rega RP3 belonged to Peter Kisilenko (a professional musician) of Montreal, Canada. He had modded his RP3 with various upgrades. And changing the aluminium pulley to stainless steel dual pulley probably would be his last mod, he said. Here's his pictures on how he removed the aluminium pulley professionally by using a gear puller. This is indeed very helpful to those who are doubtful about how to remove a tightly-glued pulley safely:

Pictures : courtesy of Peter Kisilenko of Montreal, Canada

#1 ) Pulley puller
#2) Gear puller in position

#3 ) Rega pulley removed
#1 ) Double pulley installed

<< .... Notice Peter has this tonearm lifter ?
Excellent! In case you fall asleep, your needle wouldn't remain in the groove at end-of-play.

Job well-done by this puller ........>>

Peter's view on the sonic improvements brought about by this dual pulley:

"Hi Michael,

The pulley arrived today and the installation is done! It works perfectly!

Here are some pics...

#1) Here is the gear puller I used to remove the pulley on my RP3.
#2) Gear puller in position
#3) Rega pulley removed
#4) Double pulley installed

Sound-wise the double pulley helps to focus the audio image. Soundstage is wider and more details emerge. Bass is improved.

Thanks for the fast delivery.

Peter "

Thanks, Peter!


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