Awty of Brisbane, Australia rebuilt an old Orpheus turntable and installed a RB300 braced to the platter suspension. Very happy to see my underslung counterweight being chosen to match his RB300 tonearm in this project. Sharing with you here his story and pictures of this rare turntable.

Pictures : courtesy of Awty of Brisbane, Australia

"The postman drop off a little package from mr Lim this morning, a counter weight and record clamp with bubble. Wasted no time in fitting it, as I've been mucking around with the arm since rewiring it on Christmas night. The weight looks well thought out and well made. The stub has 2 "O" rings front and back, wrapped a bit of plumbers thread seal tape on the thread and tightened it up nice and firmly. Then it has a sleeve with a grub screw that goes over that and the weight itself has a half round slot that fits under that and has 2 thumb screws to tighten it and hold it firmly.

Took a bit of mucking around to get it set up......its a bit fiddly, but once I got it sorted so everything was tight and level (has a flat area you can put a small bubble level on to get it nice and level) it was good. Not the easiest thing to use if you want to adjust in small increments......might be just me.
Does the job.

The record clamp is pretty cheap and is good for leveling the suspended platter......not the prettiest thing, but again does the job.

Anyway Michael great to deal with and answered all my emails quickly and postage took just over a week (including Christmas) Not sure of any major sonic differences as the rewire was such a big difference everything else is just icing on the cake......cant wait till my new cart turns up and then it will be complete....

....I received an email from Michael letting me know that the thumb screw under the counter weight can be unscrewed and screwed back into the back of the end stub if you are using a light cartridge and want to get the weight closer to the pivot point.....nifty..."

Thanks, Awty!


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