Migkiller1971's video site.....

You'll love Migkiller1971's video site!

More than a hundred video clips featuring music played on Rega P25 TT, Migkiller1971's vast collection of Lp's and his marvelous system is going to make you envy for sure. Listen to his modded P25 TTand you would believe you can always make your system sound better.

Pictures and link : courtesy of Migkiller1971, USA

In the above video clip, you would notice the aluminium feet (retrofit to the original rubber feet) on his P25 TT:

Here's his comments on the aluminium feet:

"I have big floorstanding Axiom m60ti speakers that are less than 3 feet away from my turntable and your feet dramatically helped in the isolation. I can now give a "HARD TAP" anywhere on the stand without getting any feedback. "

And his comments on dual pulley in vinylengine :

"The floor noise is non-existent...WOW...

....and the sound? Oh yeah!! its worth it. "

Thanks, Migkiller1971 for the beautiful music!


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