Truly magic.... - Chris's Rega P5

Chris Tasker's story of his Rega P5 TT

"Too many projects, too little time ... " is Chris's signature in vinylengine, yet he took time off to send me wonderful pictures and feedback on the upgrades in detail. I really appreciate his great effort and would like to share with you his story here :

" Hi Michael,

Thanks again for the upgrades you have developed for Rega Turntables.

Having bought a Rega P5, I knew it was a good table, but I also knew some upgrades were in order. I was very impressed with your range of upgrades so I ordered and have installed the following:
1) Double Pulley
2) Counterweight
3) Silicon Belts
4) VTA Spacers (only recently installed when I got the Dynavector Karat 17D) "

Pictures : courtesy of Chris Tasker of Toronto, Canada

Chris Tasker's Rega P5

"I found the double pulley and silicon belts to be a magic combination - they helped the TTPSU and an aftermarket sub-platter really improved the snap and bounce in the music. "

"The pre-modified P5 was a bit lazy and mushy, but with these upgrades, the urgency in the music returned."

"After this I found I still had two issues:
- I wanted to get rid of the residual background noise and,
- since I was running a Denon DL103r in an aluminum body as one of my cartridge options, I needed more weight on the counter weight."

"So I ordered the Motor base and the extra weight for the counter weight that we discussed."

"The motor base helped me to get the most black background I have ever experienced. The only noise I hear now during playback is what is built into the grooves! "

"Then I installed the additional weight to the counter weight and was finally able to fully enjoy the Denon DL103R in its full splendour."

" I have acquired a Dynavector Karat 17D which is known to be quite picky about VTA.

"So I finally installed the VTA spacers and found a very sweet combination that seems to agree very nicely with the 17D..."

" So to say I am delighted with your upgrade products does not even come close to how I feel. For the first time I have been able to enter a completely new level of audio playback. When you read the variety of audio forums, people talk about this quality and that nuance, but now I know what it all means. I now enjoy listening to my vinyl so much more than before - and I was reasonably satisfied before.

Thank you Michael for your innovative upgrades - I can heartily recommend them to anyone wanting to take Rega table to a new and higher level. Truly magic.

Chris Tasker "

Thanks, Chris !


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