David Woodfall of United Kingdom had upgraded his turntable with underslung counter-weight and stainless steel pulley. I always recommend underslung counterweight upgrade besides stainless steel pulley as it will bring the performance of your TT a notch higher. 

" Yes, I have fitted both the counterweight and motor pulley wheel and they are working fine ..." David continues...

A bit of a quick review: 

After fixing the new pulley wheel I found that the platter got up to speed directly, with no need to give it the helping shove like I used to do. Speed is constant now with no messing around with glue. 

Fixing the new counterweight was a little more involved. The old stub was a devil to take off, but copius WD40 and an adjustable wrench finally won (put an old rag under the area to protect the plinth surface, as well as one around the old stub before attaching the wrench). I tightened the new stub finger tight, and I would expect the o-ring/washer to stop it slipping. The rest of the setup was easy. The sleeve attaches on smoothly and the grub screw holds it securely. I used a digital scale accurate to 0.01 gms to measure stylus pressure. My shure stylus is one that has a cover that rotates under it, so the stylus doesn't need to touch anything. I found that it was a little tricky to tighten the counterweight screw without it slipping, but once you have it close, the end screw can be used for finer adjustment. I noticed that Michael had wound PTFE tape around the end screw so that it holds tight and should not loosen under normal vibrations etc. 

The end result is a solid weight that should hold fast for a good long time. A vast improvement on the original weight that the deck had when I bought it. 

 All the best, 
 David Woodfall


Thanks, David!


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