Turntable Isolation ideas - Endrik's P3-24

How do you isolate your turntable from vibrations for better performance?

Many have used Rega wall mounted bracket; some may add a butcher block ; some may further add another layer of granite with Herbies dots ....

It's fun to find out what you would prefer!

Endrik of Philippines has some very good ideas which he has implemented on his P3-24:

"... was able to separate the turntable platform from the motor by making a square hole on the acrylic where the motor isolation base passes through which in turn seats on the lower bamboo platform. Got the idea from the brilliant Canadian:) "

"The footer I used to separate the acrylic from the bamboo base is a mixture of rubber cork, acrylic, dynamat ebony puck and small pieces of 3m bumpons. Here's some pics:"

".... the thing is dead silent! All the details are fully extracted from the vinyl:-) got louder bass also! If you look at the inverted rubber footer(oem), I filled it up with blu tack inside. Other tweakers covered the hole with tape and filled it up with sand! 

Different strokes for different folks:-) DIY is fun btw:-)"

Yes, different folks may have different preference! The best is to try out yourself to find the answer.

Read more on Endrik's other tweaks :
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2. Aluminium sub-platter, dual pulley and silicone belts  


MDF Board said...

Nice isolation ideas.

MDF Board

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