Damon's P3-24 motor speed problem .......

Damon of Taiwan first wrote to me :

"Hi Michael,

I have a Rega P-3/24 tt bought from Europe. The tt uses 220v , 50 hz, but it is 110v 60hz in my home town....".

Clearly, Damon's TT would not function with correct speed in his home town!

This is the problem you face if you happen to purchase a TT from another region of different power supply and frequency. Even if you have a voltage converter, the TT speed would be completely out as the speed of ac synchronous motor is dependent on the frequency of the power supply (read my earlier post of TT speed problem..)

Quite a number of people had come to me with similar problem before. So I recommended him to change his 50Hz pulley to a 60Hz pulley...

After consideration, Damon not only took the 60Hz dual pulley, but also silicone belt, aluminium sub-platter and rubber cork mat for his first upgrade. A very good start to tweak his P3-24.

Damon is happy and addicted to his p3-24 every single day now, he says ....


It was done last week, so easily to set up by the clear instruction. But I'm so busy recently,have not enough time to arrange the final set and some processing pics. Only one fun pic for replace pulley first. 

The result is absolute amazing I am addicted to my lovely p3/24 every single day! 

Thanks a lot.


Thanks Damon!


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