Eric of Canada first wrote to me, " I have a xpression III with the rumble problem.  I still hear it with the Henley sorbathane upgrade kit.  It seems the only solution is to separate the motor from the table or buy a new turntable.  The question is will your solution fit my turntable?  I have no problem cutting into it if need be."

The Xpression III motor motor mounting dimension is the same as that of Rega TT, so my motor isolation could be used to separate the motor from the plinth, I told him. In fact I had done that on my own Pro-ject TT ( different model) too.

Eric gladly started off with the project .....

"Took very little time.  No vibration can be felt when motor is touched.... " Eric commented after adding the motor isolation base.
He has posted his experience in vinylengine too

A good looking heavy chunk of metal basically separates the motor from the table. The table needed minimal modding with a Dremel. All the screws provided were too long, luckily I had some kicking around that fit. The motor base needed taller rubber feet as the cork feet provided were too short. 

The mod seems to work well. I have a motor that vibrates badly so I do hear something when the needle lands but only through headphones when turned up. 

Music seems punchier and cleaner than with the Henley solution, then again it could be my mood today.

Read more from vinylengine........

Thanks Eric!

Feedback from Arthur of California who also uses motor isolation base for his Pro-ject 2.9 wood:

The isolation base does make a big difference, I don't hear the motor since it is well isolated from the plinth. Thanks again Michael for the invention. I now enjoy listening to my table more than listening to CD's."

Ronald Bonner of Dallas gave his comments on motor isolation base upgrade for his Pro-ject Debut Carbon:

Got it and installed it. Did exactly what I was wishing it would do and more. Thank you so very much....


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