Danielboone of United Kingdom has a Rega RP6 and a Planar 3. That time when he approached me on the availability of aluminium subplatter for RP6, I was still cracking my head on the design of this new sub-platter; not only it must be good, but also value for money. It's important not to burn a big hole in your pocket so as to obtain WA(wife approval) easily and quickly. And I was even more anxious then to get WA myself for acquiring my red hot RP6 to do the testing!

In fact Danielboone was the first UK RP6 owner to try out my ALSP6 aluminium sub-platter. I am glad that he found ALSP6 a positive upgrade. Another point to mention is this sub-platter could be used on his Planar 3 too(without the cap). In short, it's really flexible for those RP6 owners who have another standby Rega TT.

Danielboone had sent me a number of pictures of his installation. You may read his comments in this link to vinylengine:

Danielboone posted in vinylengine :

"Michael's upgrade subplatter arrived and fitted. Having listened for a couple of hours ,I am amazed at the difference.very little surface noise, some crackles and pops gone. Vocals are crisper and the bass is tighter, instruments more audible, the overall effect is more togetherness and very acceptable."

Thanks, Daniel


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