I have always recommended the use of motor isolation base in our Rega TT's as the "treatment" for "motor vibration syndrome". This idea is not new I would say; it's very similar to those high end TT's with outboard motors whereby the motors are isolated from the plinth. You may be doubtful about the effect of this tweak, but many have tried and are happy with the significant sonic improvement.

Wesley of Virginia, USA, has picked up an used motor base from someone who couldn't use it and he's "simply blown away" as he himself has put it .... 

I am thankful to know that this particular piece of motor base has finally served it's intended purpose and become another man's treasure! 


I emailed you a bit ago about getting a subplatter. I'll be ordering that this week, but in the meantime I wanted to send you my thoughts on an isolation base that I picked up used from a fellow who couldn't use it in his rack system. 

The short review: "WOW." 

The longer version: That's the kind of upgrade I'd expect to cost me several hundred dollars. I'm stunned by the sound that's coming from my Planar 2 now. I really liked this table before, but the pitch wasn't perfect due to the speed instability partially caused by the standard motor mount, and the background wasn't as quiet as my two suspended tables. With the addition of the base, now the pitch is close to perfect (to my ears, at least) and the background is just as quiet as on my AR or Thorens

Additionally, there's a whole new weight to the instruments: there's more air around each, and their position in the soundstage is much more defined. I'm simply blown away. It's a whole different table now. I can't wait to get the subplatter and pulley (which you recommended and makes sense to me), and while I'm at it, I'm planning to do the top brace, too. My Rega is now *the* table out of the half dozen that I own. 

Thank you!! 

 Wesley Best

And here's Wesley's comment on his subsequent aluminium sub-platter upgrade:

I got the subplatter installed a couple of nights ago and it's fantastic. The biggest improvement to my ears was better separation in the bass, and overall more impact. I love it.

Wesley Best

Thank you, Wesley!


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