"My Fall Project" by Joe Borzetta of Chicago

You may remember Joe's two projects to mod his RP1 in my earlier posts : 

1. A mid-winter RP1 Upgrades in Chicago (part 1)  
2. Joe's spring project Blooms in Chicago (part 2)  

And recently, he has decided to add my acrylic isolation platform after enjoying music very much with the other tweaks:

Hi Michael, 

Since adding your mods I have to say that my enjoyment of listening to my new and old LP's has been a very enriching experience! I am hearing details and layers of sound that I have never heard from the music in those grooves before! I can say that my "Lim" modded RP1 is no doubt the finest sounding deck that I have ever owned. Thank you! 

My previous mods included: 

Dual Pulley, 
dual silicon belts 
Thrust bearing 
the latest top and bottom bracings 
Bearing Sheath 
Aluminum feet (sandy :) 
Acrylic platter ( sub platter is a Groove Tracer) 
Brass record clamp 
Motor isolation base (an amazingly important mod!) 
underslung counter-weight 
I also upgraded to a Rega RB 300 tone arm with an Ortofon 2M Blue. 

However it is now time for my "Fall Project"! I am adding an additional sub woofer to my pair of vintage Spica TC-1's for more detailed low end sound and more soundstage depth. 

In addition, as I mentioned above I would like to order your acrylic isolation platform to fully round out my system. I'm hoping it will help with the "Rega plinth isolation problem"; something that has been on my mind lately as needing to be addressed. Im looking forward to adding it to my RP1!


As usual, he has sent me pictures of his step by step installations. It would be helpful to those who intends to do the same tweak! Enjoy....

Hi Michael, 

I received the Acrylic Isolation Base last Friday, September 13th. It shipped very fast, thank you! 

I added it to my RP1 the next day and have been listening to it with the isolation base in place for several days now. I have to say the improvements in sound are not subtle! I thought initially that the base would help with a quieter background, with the plinth separated from my TT stand, however it does much more than that! 

I am very pleased with the sonic improvements as well. Not only is the background now dead quiet but in addition the soundstage is more defined. Instruments and voice presentation seem like they have had a veil lifted from them and are now more dynamic; I hear more detail then before. The bass is tighter with more "punch". 

All in all, I would highly recommend the Acrylic Isolation base to your readers. As icing on the cake, I also think it's a great companion mod to the Motor Isolation Base as well, since it gives you the option of having the Motor Isolation Base rest directly on the Acrylic Base to form a unit, thus not needing to be concerned about moving the deck along with the isolated motor moving from it's position. 

As I continue to listen to my LP's Im re-discovering them with my "modest RP1", which every step of the way, has been improved with each addition of your mods. 

I have sent along some photos below to show more views of the base for your readers. 



Isolation base unpackaged and in position on my turntable stand. 

A close up of the adjustable spiked feet and footers. I placed a cork pad under the footer for increased stability. (not shown in this photo)

Making adjustments for leveling is very easy with the adjustable threaded spiked feet! 

Leveling adjustments complete, brass center weight (a separate product) shows bubble in dead center. 

RP1 in place on the base. I placed cork footers under the Motor Isolation Base (separate). Adding these makes the motor and base virtually unmovable on the acrylic base, making for excellent stability! I can now lift the motor and base as a unit, although there are other options for this. 

Listening tests begin, already hearing the benefits of using the Acrylic Base!


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