Someone said " Without music, life is a mistake."

Amazing... music is something amazing in life that we can't live without. At least for you and me! The reason that we have a chance to meet up here is simple - we share the same passion in music ... in analog music!

Not only passion in analog music, but passion in tweaking turntable, seeking analog "nirvana"... and people might just call us "nuts"!

Others may not understand, but we can definitely tell the difference when each new component is added to our TT. 

Sharing with you here Kelvin(Melbourne)'s comments on aluminium feet and serrated VTA spacers upgrades : 

Dear Michael,

I finally sorted out the feet on my turntable and combined with the vta spacers.

I have to say it was definetly worth the effort! I don't have the technical vocabulary to describe the sonic improvements but as a keen record collector since 1978 I know 'my' music extremely well and the improvements due to your upgrades are in some cases significant! So thankyou Michael! Great products! The bass is deeper,the background is quieter and on some recordings there seems to be a lot more detail to be heard. In particular there is far less vibration to the plinth. 

Amazing to think that a couple of 'tweeks' can make such a difference! 

My set up is as follows: 
Rega P5 RB700 
Ortofon 2M Bronze, 
Rega TT PSU 
 NAD C375 BEE 
 Swans Diva F6.2 Speakers

Thanks again Michael! 


Thanks Kelvin!


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