Paul Croker from United Kingdom has upgraded his RP6 to dual pulley system. He is happy with the upgrades. In his feedback, he mentioned that it's more like the RP8 in terms of timing and stability. I feel good to hear that as I can see the upgrades work for him!

Tweaking turntable is interesting, we'll never get identical systems and results. The important thing to remember is for whatever we do, we must enjoy the process. That's how we can be happy in life!

Here's Paul's feedback and pictures:

Hi Michael, 

 I've found that the dual pulley and silicone belts really make my RP6 much more like the RP8 in terms of timing and stability. The noise floor appears slightly lower, whilst there is a general widening of the soundstage, and greater clarity to my ears. Thanks again for a great product! 


1. Removing the old pulley with the Pulley Puller 

2. Installing the new Dually 
3. Belts on !

Thanks, Paul !


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