Top bracing - Antonio's Planar 3 TT

The aluminium top bracing and the stainless steel bottom bracings are two new ingredients just introduced to our recipe book of tweaking Rega  turntables. As usual, I hope this simple tweak would bring improvement to your TT with just a bit of effort and small investment thrown in. 

If you are going to take this path, I would recommend using both of them together if possible for better results especially for the older turntables. So far those who have fixed both the top and bottom bracings come back with satisfactory feedback. However, some are happy also to add just the top bracing only. Haha .. decision is yours!

Antonio of Portugal has added just this top bracing together with double pulley and silicone belts to his Planar 3 TT. Here's his comments and pictures of his system:

 Hi Mr. Lim 

I got the double pulley, silicone belts and the arm bracing in good conditions. I began with the pulley and belt installation and I´ve made some auditions. But I was interested in all the installation, so I removed the arm, platter and bearing, installed the arm bracing following your directions. No problem at all. 

I´m very pleased with the final result. The obvious improvement is the resolution, better focus and deeper sound stage (maybe this improvement results better focus and resolution). I´m trying different styles and recordings and most notorious results come from jazz, acoustical guitars and brass and the piano sound is more realistic (less coloration, I think). I also send some fotos. 

António Júlio Aroeira

Thanks António


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