Ross Bull of Australia has a heavily modded P3-24 TT. He has included pictures of top and bottom VTA mount which I believe it's a tweak that not many have tried.

Take a look :

Hello Michael,

Sorry for not getting back to you with my impressions of your upgrades,I have been too busy playing records and swapping other components and upgrades in and out of my system. 

The first thing I noticed was the bass, so much tighter and more pronounced although never overbearing, in fact very addictive {I've never owned a sub woofer}. 

Next was the stability of sustained notes, I kept listening for that familiar wobble but its finally gone. GT reference sub platter and Rega white belt didn't fix it but your pulley and silicon belts did. 

Changes to upper frequencies initially appeared to be of a rolled off nature until I realised that it was the lack of smearing that creates this perception, the whole reason I got a GT acrylic platter was because the glass appeared to cause ringing and harsh high frequencies but now the glass is back and I'm using it without the felt mat! This sounded dreadful before but now sounds the best. These changes are the result of all the upgrades as I did not test them one at a time. I am very interested in what your isolation platform would do as well. Thank you

Ross Bull 

Here are the other upgrades which Ross has subsequently added to his P3-24 :
1. Motor isolation base
2. 3-points VTA spacers 
3. Acrylic isolation platform
4. Aluminium feet 

Drilling through the plinth and using the other spacer underneath:        
The more focused sound now has me wanting to hear a RB700 with its stainless steel base.

I am astonished at the improvement gained from aluminium discs being added to the feet of my Rega. The sound is noticeably more focused and nuanced.

Thanks Ross! 


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