Bracing up ......

Surprisingly, it took only ten days this time for the braces to arrive in New York. Daniel Malito, the proud owner of this heavily-modded RP1 didn't take long to install the new bracings, both top and bottom. I am glad that he is happy with this new tweak! Here are the pictures and details of his system :


Here are the pics as promised!! Sounds great!! 

By the way I put washers under the original rega rubber feet to give the brace something besides rubber to tighten down with. 

Also I had to tap the bearing assembly with my rubber mallet to get it in.

Also I had to move the double pulley up a bit to accommodate the brace.

Here are all my mods: 

 Origin live silver tonearm 
 Groovetracer Delrin platter 
 Isosub gt sub platter 
 Lim double pulley 
 Lim silicon bands 
 Lim top and bottom braces 
 Lim extra big bearing nut 
 Rega 24v dc motor External TT psu

Now this 400 usd table sounds like a 4000 usd table.  Awesome. Thanks, feel free to post.

New York, USA

Thanks Daniel!


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