Juan Vega's "upgrade 1" for his P3

When it comes to tweaking turntable, many would ask what should I do first? What is the order of importance?

There are many schools of thoughts actually - quite subjective sometimes. But we just have to bear in mind, this is a hobby; a wonderfully hobby that we enjoy music, enjoy tweaking or enjoy both music and tweaking........, so there's no right or wrong in what we do. 

We might be a bit "nuts" as a friend has just told me. So be it, as long as we are happy!

Besides my own tweaking experience, many have also documented and shared with us in this blog their exciting journey in tweaking. Each system is unique in its own way. But as a whole, they serve as good reference for you who are joining in the fun!

Sharing with you here Juan Vega(from Mexica City)'s "upgrade 1" for his P3 TT:

Hi Michael,

Finally had the time to install the upgrades for my Rega P3, aluminum sub-platter; aluminum legs, and silicone belt. 

Two important things I wanted to share with you and your followers: 

a) indeed very easy to install, I had my doubts due to the fact that I am not that technically savvy but if I can do it, anybody can; and 

b) indeed a sonic improvement, tighter bass, and a noticed a welcomed gain that translated into a better soundstage, this with my favorite drum recording of Morello and Take Five. 

Now thinking of upgrade 2. Thanks again, and all the best. 

Attached a couple of pictures of my Rega P3 with updates.


Mexico City

Thanks, Juan!


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