JohnMichael from USA has added both top and bottom bracings to his Planar 2. I am glad that the bracings work for his system. I couldn't be happier to learn that he is a happy customer with this new tweak.

Here's his pictures and comments:


I have been enjoying my turntable since installing your top and bottom brace. The sound is more solid and focused than before. I have also noticed the sound being less mechanical which I attribute to a reduction of vibrations. The soundstage is deeper and wider. Certainly a lot of improvement for the low cost of the braces. 

The first vinyl I listened to was a 45rpm recording of Adagio d’Albinoni with double-bass and organ. The double-bass was focused and not blurry as it was before the braces. The organ was now further back and filled the whole rear wall of my room. I was amazed at the difference. Next I listened to a record of Cleo Laine performing live at Carnegie Hall. I had never heard hall ambiance that clearly on my system and Cleo sounded much more flesh and blood then ever before. Every record I have listened to has benefitted in much the same way. 

I had only recently learned of your products and I am pleased you created your braces. My 14 year old Rega Planar 2 is sounding better than I expected. It had been tweaked before but the braces are a very nice step up. Thank you, 


Thanks, JohnMichael !


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