Another good idea here for you ...

Bradley of Alberta, canada shares with us here his NEW METHOD to mount the aluminium feet. Very good idea indeed! 

Hello Michael, 

I have installed my new aluminum feet and I am very pleased with everything, I really appreciate the quality of the aluminum and the milling, first rate all the way. I also like the new look it suits the turntable. 

I installed the feet a little differently, I inserted the screw into the metal foot as though you would when mounting them according to your method, instead of mounting them onto the turntable I put a piece of tape on the threads of the screw so that the screw is held in place. I then fit the rubber to the aluminum foot, placed a screw driver through the hole in the rubber fitting placing the screw driver in place, I then held the screw in place and took off the tape and then I screwed the aluminum foot into the turntable. The reason for doing it this way is it takes the stresses of fitting the metal to the rubber from happening while the aluminum fitting is attached turntable and puts it in your hands where you will not harm the turntable threads. 

Here is a photograph of of my turntable less a tonearm, it is out being serviced. Will certainly purchase some more items this experience was excellent. 

Alberta, Canada

Thanks, Bradley


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