Many turntable enthusiasts have been requesting for an adjustable VTA adjuster from me. This issue has been in my mind for some time and finally I have got one for you here today. 

It's simple both in design and installation. Hope you'll like it :

VTA adjuster with sleeve hand nut : USD33.50 ( model VTA-SN)
(For Plinth thickness inclusive of bracing > 1" or 25mm) 

VTA adjuster with hand nut :  USD29.50 ( model VTA-HN )
(For Plinth thickness inclusive of bracing < 1" or 25mm) )

This adjustable VTA adjuster retrofits  1"( 25mm) diameter for tonearm hole (e.g Rega turntables). As many models of Rega turntables like P1/RP1, P2, P3-24 and RP3 spot 25mm diameter tonearm holes on board, so this vta adjuster is compatible with your RB300/250/RB600 tonearms. However, you may have to file a little of the phenolic bracing hole should it not in perfect alignment with the tonearm hole.

Hand sleeve nut : USD12.80
Hand nut : USD9.80
What about other models of turntables?

For turntables with 26mm diameter holes (e.g most of the older Planar 3) the installation is straight forward and easier in this case.

There are also some later models with 24mm diameter holes and clearly a little filing with a semi-circular file is necessary to install this adjuster. To file the circular hole from 24mm to 25mm is quite a simple job which can be done in 10-15 minutes. 

*Try to file 0.5 mm of board along the circumference as even as possible to increase the hole diameter to 25mm or slightly larger. Make sure the vta adjuster just fit nicely into the hole.

Adjustment with VTA adjuster 

With the vta adjuster fixed to the tonearm (e.g. RB300 as above) the vta is about 1.8mm. You can adjust the vta to higher value by turning the adjuster with you hand and then lock it with the hand nut or hand sleeve-nut. (Hand sleeve nut is required if the board is too thick.)

Note: for RB250 tonearm you have to remove the plastic sleeve above the thread to expose the brass body like the RB300 in order to fit the vta adjuster.

Introducing VTA adjuster - 3-point for RB101/RB251/RB301/RB303, 
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VTA adjuster
Model : VTA-HN-3-point


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