Take a look at Jorge's Rega upgrades in stages ! Now it's a completely new Rega TT with triple pulley with 3 silicone belts plus etc...etc... ! 

How it sounds after the upgrades? Of course Jorge (of Canary Island) will tell you : 

Hi Michael,

I have managed to install all the upgrades and I am very happy with them. Dinamycs, firm and no bloomy bass, nice midrange and absolutely no noise. The soundstage has become wider and more 3d like. I am stunned.

 Best Regards,
 Jorge Castellano

 Here are some photos:

Triple pulley and silicone belts,
Underslung counter-weight
Acrylic platter, Acrylic plinth, Acrylic platform
Adjustable aluminium feet 
Top and bottom bracing
Aluminium Sub-platter 

Job completed!
New look! 

Thanks, Jorge !


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