Joe Borzetta's 3 Belt Pulley Upgrade

Triple pulley with silicone belts upgrade is the newest upgrade for Joe Borzetta of USA. If you are one who is skeptical about this upgrade, his feedback here probably will interest you :

Hello Michael! 

I wanted to send you my results regarding the triple belt upgrade. I am very please with the results! 

I’ve sent along some photos, and I’ve added captions to describe the installation. 

A. Three belt fully installed. Removing the two belt pulley was very easy as I already had a two belt fully installed on the Motor Isolation Base and simply used the hex nut tool. 

B. Positioning the pulley/isolation base under my plinth took a few adjustments so I could assure proper belt alignment with the sub-platter. It was necessary to add an additional washer to the motor isolation base to adjust for the dfference of height of the 3 belt pulley. 

C. Positioning the pulley height took some final adjustments once in place, but that was quite easy using the hex nut tool. As can be seen in my photo the belts align perfectly with the sub-platter! 

D. I am able to see the results of the addition of the 3 belt pulley immediately using my Falcon Industries PSU and Road Runner Tachometer. As can be seen the 2nd and 3rd decimal places are showing great accuracy. Falcon states that a tuned TT will show a stable second decimal place with the 3rd fluctuating. 

However we are talking about some very small values here! When I had the two belt pulley on the tach the stability was good but the tach always showed a constant varience in the second and third decimal place. So the addition of the 3 belt pulley shows measurable benefits immediately. 

However good test results and numbers are there is only one thing that makes any upgrade worthwhile and that is, does it make your TT sound better? In this case the triple pulley upgrade did just that! I’ve been listening to a lot of solo violin pieces as well as solo piano and female voice passages and the differences are not subtle. The sustain of the notes and pitch stability are excellent! The music just sounds that much more life like and musical. 

I was a bit skeptical about how much a benefit adding the 3 belt pulley would be, however I am a convert now. Just like any other upgrade it adds noticeable improvements. All in all I am quite pleased. This upgrade would be worth it for users of the isolation motor base or one’s using the standard Rega motor mount. Thank you Michael for providing us with yet another awesome upgrade product! 

Best Regards, 

Thanks Joe!


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