Arif DML

" Hi Mr. Lim, A few words for my satisfaction, this upgrade parts are really good....." said Arif DML of Jakarta, Indonesia after he has upgraded his RP6 with most of my accessories. I am glad to hear that he is happy with the upgrades!

Sharing with you here his feedback with beautiful pictures:

"At last, the assembling process and cartridge setup are done. Regardless which cartridge I used (exact 2 or ortofon 2m black), My Rega RP 6 is really in different level than it used to be. Background sound disappear, so quiet now. High, mid, and low are more accurate. The soundstage and transparency are much better. 

These upgrade parts are really worth the money.

I basically buy everything that Mr. Lim have except the acrylic platter (I owned it already). I am worry at the beginning that the setup will be difficult but it turn out quite easy.

I have sent some photos of my new turntable. :)"

Acryllic plinth with orange skeletal top
Motor isolation base, adjustable aluminium feet
aluminium sub-platter, stainless steel triple pulley, silicone belts

Underslung Counterweight

Nice acrylic Cover Arif got it done  himself 

Thanks Arif!


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