Take a look at Rega RP1 TT....

Modded Rega RP1 with Ortofon 2M Blue

RP1 is the new entry level turntable (TT) replacing P1/P2 which have been discontinued. For analog newbies who are anxious to join the Rega camp, they might be interested to know how different is RP1 compared to it's predecessors, P1 & P2? Does RP1 perform better than P1 and P2 or it's just in between?

Let's first take a look at what are the similar parts in RP1, P1 and P2:

1. Plinth - same 18 mm particle board for all three models
2. Sub-platter - same phenolic resin for all three models
3. Pulley - plastic for all three models
4. Belt - black rubber belts for all three models
5. Main bearing - same as P1 (12mm brass bearing), P2's brass bearing more heavy duty (18mm, same for P3/P5/Planar 2/3).
6. Motor - same 110V AC synchronous motor for all three models
7. Feet - same rubber feet for all three models

What are the main differences in RP1?

1. Platter
RP1 comes with a moulded phenolic resin platter (~ 600g) which is something new; P1 and P2 both used MDF board platters ( P1, ~700g ; P2, ~1000g ).

2. Tonearm
For RP1, RB101 is a one-piece construction, from headshell to counterweight stub whereas for P1 (RB100) and for P2 (RB250/RB251) the tonearms are both with removable plastic stub. All three models use steel counterweights. Take note that for RB101 we can change only the counterweight, not the stub.

After spinning the RP1 with ortofon OM5e, I find it sounds pretty good out of box, better than a stock P1. Personally I can't conclude if it's better than P2 though some reviews favour it as compared to P2. But I am definitely not comfortable with those resin and plastic parts on this RP1...

If you have the itch to tweak a Rega RP1, just try out the following tweaks for Rega P1 and P2 which could also be done on RP1 for good sonic improvements:

Step 1 : plug and play

Step 2 : with some handyman skills

Step 3 : A good cartridge of your choice

The cartridge's job is to pick up what's produced from the record groove to be amplified by the amplifier. It's never wrong to get a good cartridge, but it's not worth having one if what it's being picked up from the record groove is not optimal.

Ortofon 2M Blue and
3-point stainless steel spacer for correct VTA and rigidity.

When a TT is properly tweaked, it definitely deserves a good cartridge which can proudly perform to its best ....


NEW : Main bearing tweak ...... for RP1

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Jose A. Estrada of Arizona, USA has upgraded his RP1 and commented:

Hello Mr. Lim, 

I did receive the items about a week a go and am very happy with the results. Your wonderful products have changed my boring stock RP1 both sonically and asthetically. Thank you again for your great service! 

Jose A. Estrada


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