I enjoy the analog sound very much now.....

Csaba of Hungary said :

" I enjoy the analog sound very much now! "

This is great news to me and I am always glad to hear this from fellow tweakers!

Whatever system you have and whatever upgrade path you take, the important point to remember is : you must be happy with what you are listening!

It's interesting to be in this analog world. Every system is unique, with or without upgrades. There's no two systems which would sound identical, in fact. And that's what makes tweaking turntables fun and challenging!

What a wonderful hobby we have!

Sharing with you here Csaba's Rega Planar 3 TT with latest upgrade of stainless steel double-pulley:

Pictures: courtesy of Csaba of Hungary

Planar 3

Planar 3 with dual pulley

Thank you Csaba!


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