It's not easy to make a choice or decision in life; at times more choices could be more confusing.......

But in our analog tweaking path, it's a completely different story; we wish to have more choices so that we can select one best suits our budget and usage. And for those who are looking for speed accuracy and stability via external power supplies, you would not be disappointed as there are many after market PSUs' which work fine with the Rega turntables (230V or 110V AC) :

1. Pro-ject speed box SE II

This electronic speed control is for Pro-ject and other turntables. It can be used for both 230V and 16V AC turntables. Besides the standard 33/45 rpm speed selections, the motor speed is fine adjustable in +/- 20 steps. Another point to note is the belt must be on the smaller (for 50Hz models) and larger (for 60Hz models) diameter part of pulley slot while in use with this PSU .

Speed Box SE II

2. Music Hall Cruise Control 2.0

Music Hall Cruise Control 2.0 which is cost effective, can be used for both 120V and 16V AC turntables. With nominal speed selections of 33 and 45 rpm, you can spin 78 rpm lp's by fitting an optional 78 rpm pulley. It also has a 20 step/0.1 rpm pitch (or speed) control adjustment for you to fine tune to desirable speed. The Cruise Control requires the belt to be on the 45 rpm pulley slot.

3. Heed Orbit

Heed Orbit can be used with any turntable with a 4 pole, 110V AC synchronous motor consuming up to 3W electric power. By a push button the speed can be changed between 33.3 and 45 rpm.

However for Heed Orbit 1 outputs @110V AC, it requires a small modification (removing the capacitor used to provide phase shift) on the motor circuitry.

Heed Orbit 2 outputs @230V AC is more straight forward, a Plug and Play upgrade (no modification required) for 230V turntables which use 110V AC synchronous motors.

Other than those mentioned above, there are also many other third party and DIY TT PSUs' available in the market. It would be fun to find out more for yourself!

When looking for a TT PSU, always remember to check with the PSU suppliers first to confirm whether your turntable is compatible with the particular model of PSU you are interested in e.g. operating voltage (110V, 230V, .....), mains supply frequency (50Hz/60Hz), pulley slot for belt position (33 or 45 rpm)...

Next.... of course is to google and compare the prices ..... which I think you would definitely know better than I do......


Rega P25 said...


I purchased your 33.3 dual pulley. So if I want to add an external PSU to my P25 which I will at the end of this year than I'm going to have to replace the pulley with a dual 45RPM?

Michael Lim said...

Hi Rega P25,

If you are going for Rega TTPSU, your 33.3 dual pulley would work fine.


Rega P25 said...

Hi michael,

Rega p25 are not compatible with Rega TTPSU.

Michael Lim said...

Hi P25,

1.You can upgrade the motor to P3-24 motor c/w the new control board and use Rega's TTPSU


2. Use the Cruise Control or Pro-ject TTPSU with my standard stainless steel pulley which still out-performs
the stock plastic pulley. Email me if you require dual pulley at 45rpm.

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