Working on a Linn Axis

Linn axis is basically a manual belt driven turntable. And unlike the typical Linn with "sprung suspension", Axis's rubber suspension gives no headache to its owner as far as "adjustment" is concerned. It also has a built-in electronic circuit board for speed control which makes speed selection (33rpm/45rpm) simple by just pressing the push button only. By looking at its single point bearing (without a ball bearing) which is similar to that of Linn LP12, I can say it's a very fine "budget" turntable in construction. Even the motor is mounted on the circuit board which is separated from the suspension chassis. Both speeds (33.3/45 rpm) can be fine-tuned from the electronic circuit board only.

For one who loves to tweak, where shall I begin? Well ..... "sad" to say, there is not much to be done in this case. Linn Axis indeed is a turntable very suitable for one who is not interested in any tweaking.

Linn Axis with Akito tonearm

Metal sub-platter with thick flat rubber belt

The single point bearing, a good feature in this TT

The motor is mounted on the circuit board

After adjusting the rubber suspension, I tested out the Linn Axis with Akito tonearm that came with it. The result was found to be not as impressive as I thought it should be. Changing to Rega tonearm and adding a serrated 3-point spacer was immediately done.

The counter-weight was also replaced with the underslung counter-weight for better performance.

Though Linn Axis is regarded as a poor man's Linn, after listening to it personally, I think it's comparable to stock Rega P3-24 with TTPSU. However, I can't say which is better as each and every turntable has its own characteristic sound. Some may like the way Rega sounds while others may prefer Linn to Rega .... . It all boils down to individual preference. But one thing for sure, Rega is a better choice for tweakers as it can be tweaked to the hilt.

Whatever it is, as long as you enjoy your choice, I think that's the best choice for you (at least for the time being!), my friend.


Br3098 said...

Michael, how in the world did you manage to mount a Rega tonearm on the Linn Axis deck? The spindle-to-pivot mounting distances are completely different - 211mm for the Linn tonearms vs. 222mm for the Rega arms. Just curious...

Michael Lim said...

I managed to push the cartridge backwards on the tonearm slots and got it aligned with the ortofon protractor. it was sounding good.

Br3098 said...


Umm, if you say so... Not that I don't believe you, but 11mm is almost half an inch - .433" to be precise. There is not nearly that much adjustment available from the cartridge mounting slots on a Rega (or any other) tonearm.

I would suggest that a better method would be to enlarge the tonearm mounting hole approx. 1/2" in a direct line away from the spindle. You could add a thin mask or use a thicker mounting plate (matching the spacer height for proper VTA) to securely mount the Rega arm and cover enlarged hole.

This would be the proper (and frankly, only) way to mount a Rega arm onto a Linn Axis that would ensure proper cartridge alignment.

Michael Lim said...


Thank you for your wonderful suggestion which would make it easier for many cartridges to be fitted to Rega tonearms on Linn Axis.

saul mishaan said...

Michael you said "Both speeds (33.3/45 rpm) can be fine-tuned from the electronic circuit board only."

well my unit seems to be running a bit fast. can i adjust it myself?



Michael Lim said...

Hi Saul,

I don't have the unit with me now and if I do remember correctly there are two adjustable pots. one for 33 and another for 45. No harm trying but do remember to mark the original positions on the pots before making any adjustment.

Good luck,

Unknown said...

Hi, i see your axis has no 33/45 guidance sticker above the speed/power button. Mine is present but frustratingly slightly wonky! (linn build a great TT but i think a work experience kid did the sticker application!).
Any idea if this can be removed without damage to the surface?

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