A) Removing the end-stub :

i) Plastic end-stub (RB100, RB250 and RB 251)

First remove the steel counterweight by turning it anti-clockwise until it is completely out.

Next, hold the end-stub firmly and unscrew it gently out of the tonearm. Make sure the tonearm is locked before applying force to the end-stub.

ii) Metal end-stub ( RB300, RB301, RB600, RB700, RB900 and RB1000)

Tools required:
i) WD40
ii) a pair of slip joint pliers as shown (most suitable)
iii) a piece of thick rag

Remove the stainless steel counterweight first (refer to above). Spray some WD40 at the joint between the end-stub and the tonearm. Wait for several minutes for chemical to work its way into the thread.

Then cover the end-stub with a piece of thick rag. With one hand holding the tonearm firmly, the other hand grabs the end-stub with the pliers and turn (as shown in the picture) anti-clockwise with enough force to loosen it.

Normally one turn is enough to loosen the end-stub. However, for some stubborn units, you may need to make one extra turn in order that it's fully loosened to be unscrewed out by hand. Spray a bit more of WD40 if necessary.

Fix the new stainless steel end-stub by turning it clockwise until hand-tight.

Install the adaptor tube and lock it with the Allen key provided.

Slide in the stainless steel underslung counter-weight.

Adjust the VTF ( vertical tracking force) by moving the weight to-and-fro along the tube. Lock it at the right position.

( A stylus tracking force gauge is required here.)


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