I am glad to receive a mail from Thomas Nielsen of Denmark that my stainless steel double/dual pulley has brought more "PRaT" to his Rega P3-24 turntable.

Thank you Thomas, for allowing me to publish your comments to share with others.

Hi Mr. Lim!

A few days ago, I received the double pulley for my Rega TT.

Luckily I could borrow a "professional" mini-puller where I work (a fire-department in Silkeborg), so it was very easy to pull off the stock pulley, without any harm to the motor.

And I must say, that I am very pleased with the result:
Rotation is now rock stable, and maybe for the first time I have recognized the meaning of PRAT. I know, it's said before - but I hear more "layers" in the music, and more than before, I can not only hear, but almost physical "see" through the speakers and into the recording studio!

Strange?? But that's a fact!

I am sure, I can now look forward to many joyful listening sessions!

Best regards

Thomas Nielsen

What is "PRaT"?

"PRaT" stands for "Pace, Rhythm and Timing".

"PRaT" is definitely not new to any audiophile as in music appreciation and enjoyment, we always hear audiophiles talk about the "musicality" of their systems in terms of "PRaT". The more "PRaT" is taken to be better of course! (And many have chosen Rega turntables also because of Rega's "PRaT" factor).

"PRaT" also looks like an important parameter to audiophiles for "measuring" the system they are "listening" to. The same is true in tweaking and comparing turntables.

I am an engineer and technically speaking, in music appreciation, I don't know exactly what parameters to use in measuring it, until someone throws some light on this concept that I am always curious about ....

When the music is on, how do you react to it?
Toe-tapping....with the music?
Head nodding.....with the music ?
Feel like humming and dancing along..... with the music......?
Simply want to listen and enjoy more.... and more..... of the music.......?

Your emotions....your feelings......

Yes, your emotions and feelings will tell you the answer .....


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