Unlike the other earlier models of Rega turntables, including its predecessor P25 TT, P5 turntable comes with a different pulley. Its aluminium metal pulley does look better and it's believed to perform better than the plastic ones also.

But by replacing the aluminium pulley with stainless steel dual pulley and spinning the sub-platter with higher energy and hence steadier speed using twin silicone belts, many P5 owners discover great sonic improvements in P5.

Take a look at Fabio's Rega P5 upgrades using stainless steel dual pulley and silicone belts :

Picture : courtesy of Fabio of São Paulo, Brazil

Here's Fabio's feedback on the stainless steel dual pulley and silicone belts upgrades :

Hi Michael,

What can I say, after two weeks using the dual pulley + silicon belts upgrades is that the improvement is stunning!!!

Reaches full speed more quickly and remains there.

When the music starts, everything is well defined and sounding like it should.
Excellent separation of instruments. Piano and string instruments sound very clear.
One of the best upgrades available for Rega tables. No doubt about it!

Best regards

Thank you, Fabio !


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