When I first started to tweak my Rega turntables, I knew aluminium metal sub-platter was something I would go ahead with without hesitation. Strongly believing in there's a reason why aluminium sub-platters were used in P7 and P9 TT's, I didn't want to miss this part of the sonic improvement for sure!

As I'd expected, the result of experimenting with the anti-resonance aluminium metal sub-platter was good - I noticed very substantial sonic improvement after replacing the stock resin sub-platter with aluminium metal sub-platter!

So I always advise: Don't forget to upgrade the resin sub-platter to the anti-resonance aluminium metal sub-platter. And if the plastic pulley is also replaced by a metal one at the same time for better energy transfer, you will definitely not be disappointed....

Sharing with you here :

Aluminium metal sub-platter and standard stainless steel pulley (33.3/45 rpm) upgrades on Planar 3 - from Lasse Brodsgaard of Denmark

Pictures : courtesy of Lasse Brodsgaard of Denmark

Lasse Brodsgaard says :

It has given a little more air to the music, better sound separation and tighter bass.

Thanks, Lasse!


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