You can't miss this thread started by Rolf (RoDa) of Norway if you do log in to Rega forum, vinylengine, I believe.

In this interesting thread, he shares his Rega P5 TT upgrading experience in details with full enthusiasm (you can see from all the wonderful pictures posted by him). In addition, the lively inputs and discussions from fellow Rega enthusiasts all over the world in this thread also provide us lots of ideas and tips when comes to upgrading our turntables...

Let's look at his system in his living room :

Pictures : courtesy of Rolf ( RoDa) of Norway

He has recently upgraded to my "limm" dual (double) pulley assembly. I would like to thank him not only for emailing me these pictures very promptly, but also for including the text below for me to publish; and more importantly, he has highlighted (with pictures and explanation) how he has mounted the pulley by lowering the motor 2-3mm to accommodate a different sub-platter. This solution indeed would benefit many who intend to go for similar upgrading. It also helps me to better my pulley design.

Here's what Rolf has to say :

Since I'm using an aftermarket suplatter where the area of contact is a bit lower than the original subplatter, I had to lower the motor a few milimeters. I did this using a rubber mat of approx 2-3mm.

After installing the dual pulley with two belts, the first impressions are in the OMG area! Chris Rea is playing on my turntable and singing "Nothing's happening by the sea", and I'm like "HEY Chris, Nothing?? What's wrong with your ears, man?!?!" My first thoughts are ROCK and SOLID, Rock solid! The sound is more controled and strong, still loads of PRaT and at the same time added weight to the presentation.

After playing more records with this dual pulley upgrade, I'm blown away by the improvements!! Chris Rea, Dire Straits, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Loreena McKennit etc..... The same ROCK SOLID impression is there, but there's more to it. Better focus, hidden details stepping out from the dark, background and surface noice reduced and moved away from the performance. And the sound is so controlled and stable without loosing any of the life'n'speed that is Rega! The bass is tighter but most of all stronger/ more punchy. The music is richer and the presentation is more lifelike and believeable.

Thanks for supplying this tweak Mr.Lim, I didn't think my P5 had much more in it but you proved me wrong!!

Thanks again, Rolf !


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