The Goldring GR1 turntable, developed in association with Rega, has close resemblance to Rega turntables. It's not surprised Rega upgrades also play a part to give sonic improvements to this humble turntable.

I would like to thank Serge Lodotchnikoff of France for sending me these beautiful pictures of his system : Xindak, JBL L250Ti, Goldring GR1 (on a 16kg granite base) with my aluminium metal subplatter and some other upgrades:

Pictures: courtesy of Serge Lodotchnikoff, France

Serge commented :

The sensations are very supernatural, the sound is very clear, deep and many details come to ears.

Another upgrade by Serge recently:

Replacing the plastic pulley with standard stainless steel pulley.

Serge's comment on the stainless steel pulley:

The turntable works very clear. The finition is very professional ....

"Merci, Serge ! "

"Appréciez la musique!"


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