I have never expected myself to be enjoying so much in tweaking turntables after my retirement.

You might be thinking for a retiree sitting at home, not alone, but with another retiree (my dear wife), I'm doing all these just to kill time...

You would not understand what I mean unless you have the same experience of seeing your own turntable being "transformed" by different tweaks to give you sonic improvements.

And my advice to all my fellow retiring friend is : by all means get a turntable, waste no time to enjoy music ..... and ....... enjoy life!

Look, a simple tweak for P25 TT  - stainless steel double pulley replacing the original plastic pulley. A P25 TT owner, nabil of Oklahoma, USA mentioned that this simple installation took him 5 minutes only. He also shares his P25 TT pictures with us here.

Thanks nabil!

Pictures : courtesy of nabil, Oklahoma, USA

Very, very easy installation-took me all of 5 minutes. I put on my two new white belts and after letting it run in for a few hours, sat down to do some critical listening. Several things immediately stood out: imaging is more stable, increasing in both width and depth, the sound is tauter without being constrained, musical timbres are more clearly defined allowing for subtle, but clearly audible, differentiation between similar instruments. (example: first and second violins in a string quartet). Substantial improvement is all I can say.

To be honest, I am not too good to spell out the sonic improvements in detail. I think I must thank nabil again for putting it in better terms for me.

Better pitch stability and better delineation of instruments and vocalists within the soundstage. 

Have Rega P25, removal of plastic stock pulley and installation of Mr Lim's pulley was a BREEZE.
Recommend this as a very cost effective upgrade and haven't even put the white belts on yet. If you are on the fence on this upgrade.....just do it!

Charles Hansen of Colorado, USA commented:


Thank you for sending me the pulley and two belts. The new pulley has allowed a clearer and deeper sound to emerge from my P25. Just terrific! 

Thanks for including the great intallation instructions below. I did have to lower the motor with a few washers to get it all to line up correctly. I also added the Music Hall Cruise Control 2.0 to my P25 shortly after I replaced the pulley. Ah! I'm really liking what that control does for the sound and pitch. 

Thanks so much for your great work!

Keith Roberts of New Jersey, USA commented:

Thanks Michael, 

I've only played a few records but do notice subtle differences in definition, noticeably better. The big surprise is BASS, there are new lows that just were not present before. Very nice. After reading the posts and getting into my P25, do you have an isolation base for this Rega let's keep going! 

Thank You and Regards

Let's enjoy this analog experience together!


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