Stainless steel dual pulley - this little but critical component may not mean much to many TT owners, but it's really very sentimental to me. Five years ago (2009), I tweaked my own Rega TT and shared my experience and results on the net. Not knowing that as a result, many became interested to get some of my upgrade products for their  Rega TT.'s...

It turns out I have the whole list of upgrade items now for Rega TT's. I am glad to have this hobby to keep myself occupied after retirement. And in this website, I also encourage Rega tweakers to share their experiences so that others can learn from their experience.

John Burle of Texas has added stainless steel dual pulley and belts to his Rega RP3 recently and he's happy with the sonic improvements : 

Mr. Lim 

Thanks for such a fantastic product. I must agree with all the other testimonies. Tighter bass , lower noise floor, natural extended treble and toe tapping dynamics. The only bad thing is that my lp collection is now all disorganized because I've been pulling albums down much fast than I up them back up. 


Thanks, John!


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