Michael Lim Acrylic Plinth

Clear Acrylic Plinth only
Model CAP1 : USD160.00
So far is there anybody requesting for an acrylic plinth ? You may wonder. Yes, those turntable enthusiasts who believe acrylic plinth has low resonance property, making it a good choice for TT plinth, can't wait for me to add this to my list of Michael Lim upgrade accessories. Sorry for the long wait as I have been experimenting it all this while, both with and without bracings. 

Personally, I find it sounds best when braced. But of course the choice is yours! 

Fresh from the oven, here it is! the new Clear Michael Lim Acrylic Plinth!

To maintain "low mass's concept", well-loved by many, the thickness of the acrylic plinth is kept at 18mm(~3/4"). It is designed basically compatible with stock lid of Rega turntables. It is compatible with all new tonearms with 3-point mount as well as old models like RB100/RB250/RM300/RB600. You can also add a 3-point stainless steel spacer and enjoy the wing nuts tweak too. 

It is a suitable for DIY turntable projects and compatible with some Rega  models (P1-P5, Planar2/3, RP1-RP6 ) and some Goldring/NAD models. 

The clear acrylic Plinth (CAP1, picture below) can retrofit the stock rubber feet or my aluminium feet/ adjustable aluminium feet without problem. However, with adjustable feet plinth height  adjustment and levelling are now a breeze!

My P3-24 replaced with Braced Acrylic Plinth

My RP6 replaced with Braced Acrylic Plinth
One of the main concern of acrylic plinth is rigidity and this is well taken care of by coupling it with the top alloy bracing and bottom stainless steel bracing. 

Another useful feature of the acrylic plinth is now belt tension is adjustable ( a feature found in many higher series of expensive TT's ) be it motor mounted on-board or motor off-board using motor isolation base.

*Reasons for belt tension adjustment :
Firstly, 60Hz pulley has a smaller diameter than 50Hz unit, thus belt tension is different.
Secondly, the belt tends to get loose over time, so the need to adjust the belt tension to optimum.

How is it, this new TT of mine?

Beautiful...... both look and sound wise!

Try out and hear for yourself! Hearing is believing !

Happy Tweaking! Remember to specify the model when you place order.

NEW : Acrylic plinth with Add-on color skeletal top 

Introducing to you now the new clear acrylic plinths with add-on color skeletal tops. Available in glossy blacks, white, red, yellow and orange.

The color skeletal top not only add colors to the plinth but increase its rigidity which is critical to good sonic improvement to the TT. These color tops are glued and bolted to the basic clear acrylic plinth.

You would definitely love a TT which not only sounds good to the ears but also looks beautiful to the eyes! I believe the new "colored"acrylic plinths need no further explanation!

Clear Acrylic Plinth with add-on skeletal top
Model CAPEX: USD185.00

Ken Kimata of Arlington Hts with his upgraded Rega Planar 3 commented:

Hello Michael
I assembled. It is very good!


Unknown said...

Has anyone considered making a Delrin plinth? Not sure how it would hold up.

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