Upgrading NAD533

Paul's upgraded NAD533

Paul of New York, who owns a number of newer Thorens automatic turntables, bought a manual value-for-money NAD533 deck to tweak. No hassle, NAD 533 shares the same benefits as Rega decks when comes to tweaking.  So he gladly begins with stainless steel pulley, aluminium sub-platter, stainless steel underslung counterweight, acrylic platter and top alloy bracing.

Paul is a fast worker and comments and pictures are sent in real quick! Thanks Paul!

Here are the pictures and comments. Enjoy!


Find the attached before and after photos, table sounds great, everything is much more defined and open. I have intermediate photos as well if you need any, just let me know, thanks again, Paul

Pulley,sub-platter,counterweight and top bracing upgrades

Acrylic Platter upgrade

Thanks Paul.


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