You may remember Carlo from Italy has a fully upgraded Rega P25 in my previous post. Here's another interesting project by him! Enjoy .....

Dear Michael,

The second project concerns the old (semi-destroyed) Rega P3, equipped with an uncommon RB250 branded Acoustic Solid, that I bought for a few money on the web. 

I decided to "save" it, but the only solution was a total rebuilt, since the framework was really in an awful state and the motor "wandered" without control in its compartment. 

Being this the case, I decided to totally "rethink" the design of the record player, preserving only a value: the turntable had to be "light", as in Roy Gandy philosophy! 

From an aesthetical point of view I took the cue from another "light" English record player. I kept the idea of having a plate/arm group built on a separated framework than the motor group, but I took this concept even further, completely decoupling the two elements, through two rubber balls that allow these two elements to lay in a totally independent way on the same base. Hereafter a picture of the motor group with the balls on which the plate/arm group stands. 

The whole thing is built in MDF, but the box with inside the engine has been filled with little lead balls, so as to gain an “important” weight (about 1,5 kg). Here you can see the record player as a whole: 

The project turned out right away to be “correct”, but the Denon Cartridge, once bare and covered in graphite, wasn’t able to work well with the original counterweight. Your counterweight with the added weight, on the other hand, was able to completely transform the RB250 arm. 

Now the triad Rega/Denon/Lim is a true “giant-killer”! The sound is powerful, defined and striking! 

- Michael Lim Thrust Bearing Assembly 
- Michael Lim Under-slung Counterweight 
- Michael Lim End-stub 

 Previous Upgrades: 
- Tangospin Subplatter 
- Tangospin Double Pulley 
- Tangospin Dual Belt 
- Tizo Acryl Acrylic Platter 
- Denon DL 103 graphite mods by Audiosilente (Rome, Italy) 
- RB 250 riwired by Audiosilente 

How does it all sound to you? Considering it is a record player that’s worth some thousand euros. I’m not afraid to admit this! I am utterly enthusiastic about the aesthetic and sounding result of my creation. 

In others pics, details of the counterweight and mod cartridge. 

Thanks a lot Michael! 

Best Regards,

Thanks Carlo for sharing your wonderful project with us!


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