Hardwood plinth? Take a look at this beautiful DIY TT. It is Alasdair's (of Oxford) experimental deck with aluminium top bracing installed. Any improvement? Let's see : 

Hi Michael, 

I wanted to thank you for the brace and your kind words. I wish I had found you earlier! I would have had your acrylic platter, dual belt pulley and metal sub platter if I had known. Unfortunately it's a bit late now. Next time though. 

This deck was a bit of an experiment. I wanted to see how a hardwood plinth would stack up against a standard rega. Initially I had thought it brought forwards a bit more body and character than say an RP3/RP6 but lacked some of the bite and pace. Initially I had put this down to the 2m Red but it seemed the same with a Lyra Lydian and Dynavector 10x4. 

With the brace installed it has definitely found that extra resolution that was missing before. I think it has really added to the look as well. Immediate improvement. 

Once again, thank you for your time and responses. I am sure that the DIY bug will bite again soon and I am curious to try and make a 2 plinth hardwood deck. That one will need a sub platter, Pulley, platter, brace and maybe even your motor isolation kit... 

Kind regards

Thanks, Alasdair!


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