Rafe Arnott of Vancouver, BC Canada has a RP1 earlier which was upgraded with dual pulley:
Voila! A nice, neat solution... for Rega RP1

A happy customer who believes in the stainless steel dual pulley upgrade, he would not forget to add this upgrade to his RP6 too. Let's hear what he says :


I hope you and your family are doing well! And yes, I'm enjoying much more analog music on my RP6, especially with your dual 33 1/3 rpm 50Hz pulley :) 

Here is a picture of my setup: 

Your dual pulley has made a world of difference, the change across the frequency spectrum – going from one belt to dual Rega white belts – especially in the midrange and bass was not subtle – and I have recommended the upgrade to everyone I know who uses a Rega TT. 

I find my RP6 has grip and authority in the lower registers (that it did not possess previously) much more akin to an RP8 now.

Rafe Arnott

Thanks Rafe!


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