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"To Upgrade or abandon? " This is a common question frequently asked by old TT owners!

If you happen to be one of them, why not just spend some time reading the following post in vinylengine:

Upgrade or abandon
Post by :lrpLakeSide » 28 Dec 2015 22:40 

Upgrade or abandon 

I was finally able to complete the P1 upgrades. $200 on a new machined aluminum subplatter, brace, thrust bearing, and a bearing sheath. 

thrust bearing, hub nut

The brace required the removal of the tonearm and bearing well, so while those were off I fitted the thrust bearing, I couldn't bear leaving the motor cover off or using spacers, so a hole was made to allow the thrust bearing through. Once flipped back over I fitted the brace, gluing it down, while aligning the bearing well and tonearm. Once in place two small screws were added to hold the brace in place. Now that the bearing well was back in the plinth I attached the bearing sheath. It certainly added some strength to the bearing well. 

Subplatter, brace
With the brace, thrust bearing, and bearing sheath in place I refitted the tonearm (which also received a new lift mechanism since the last one crapped out after about a year) and it was time to drop in the new subplatter. I dropped the newly supplied ball bearing in, lubed it up and waited for the subplatter to seat itself. I added a Rega white belt and was off and spinning. 

Everything was sounding much more stable, consistent, and accurate. Because all four were added at once I can't say what each did to the overall presentation, but here's what did happen..... If you remember this was my secondary system, which was admittedly built to be low-fi and mainly play back cd's, I pulled the P1 out so I had a back up table, but still preferred to listen to cd's on that system until now! :o Needless to say the cd sound quality hails in comparison to the modded P1 now and that was certainly not the case prior to the modifications. I have done several cd vs vinyl comparisons after the mod on this system and the P1 puts the cd player to shame now (as vinyl always should). $200 well spent and enjoy my P1 more then ever!  

Thanks again for helping, 

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